Monday, June 27, 2016

the war of silver and blaze

                                                 the war of silver and blaze                  may 19 2016 
                                                                                                                                                                           by chloe speers
                                        CHAPTER # 1  
                                 GRANDMAS HOUSE 
silver is the good side of dragons and blaze is the eval side .
most people don't see the difference between the two sides but if your a dragon you see the difference. all dragons want to be on the silver side but some turn eval and get sent to the blaze side. are story starts on a normal day with a girl named archer.

" archer your going to miss the train to your grandmothers" mrs. McClaier yelled up the stars. " coming mom just need to make sure i have the charger for my phone" archer answered. " you won't need your phone sweetie". mrs. McClair  said. "yay i will, I'm going to a old house in the middle of no were, i think i'l need something 
to do". archer answered " you used to love it up at grandmas when 
you were little"mrs. McClair   said."yay well i rather be hanging out with my friends on summer brake" archer said as she poled he bag down the stairs. "okay do i have everything i need" archer said to her self. "bye honey i love you" mrs McClair said. " love you to mom "archer answered.

                                      later on the train 
"ticket's ticket's please". john the ticket man said as he walked up to 
archer. "oh uh, here you go". archer answered as she looked throw her bag. " so your going up to Hotbird  hills are you" john asked as he looked at archers ticket.
"yup going up there to see my grandma, not that excited tho" archer answered in a grumpy tone. "why aren't you excited?, it's beautiful 
up there". john said. yay well it's summer brake and i want to be with my friends" archer answered wishing john would go and talk to someone ells.  "magical thing happen up there" john said as he turned around to talk to someone ells." i wonder what he meant by magical"? archer said to her self.

                              ARRIVING AT GRANDMAS

(2:30 Sunday after noon). "hi my loving granddaughter". archers grandma said as she opened the door to welcome her." hi grandma" archer answered." looking forward to spending the summer with your grandma" grandma asked with smile ." yay i guess" archer answered. "what you don't want to spend time with me" grandma said. " no its not that its just that its summer brake and i wanted to hang out with my friends"archer answered."i see, well I'm sure you will have quite the adventure this summer" grandma said with a suspicious look on her face. "i wonder what grandma means?". "come on in, let me show you to your room archer" grandma suggested. "ok i just need to grab my last bag out of the taxi". archer said as she turned around towards the taxi."ok,
i will go in and get a snack ready for when you come back". grandma said." thanks parry heres your money". archer said to the taxi driver who's name was parry."thanks tots have fun up here and if you need to get out of here call me".parry suggested. " thanks i hope i won't need to leave". archer answered back with a grin.
"hurry up archer"grandma called from the front step."coming grandma" archer answered . " ok for are snack we are having fresh picked berries , scouns with  homemade jam and tea" grandma said 
"mmmm..... sound good archer answered . after the snack grandma showed archer to her room, the room was very pretty and coved
in her mom stuff from when she was a little girl." wow this is so pretty " archer said

                    SNEAK PEAK DONE

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